Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Good Walk Ruined

Ducked out of the office at 3:30 today to play nine holes with volunteers Neil and Toby at the Mbabane Golf Club. (Greens fee of $6.25, caddy $3.75.) I had been to a driving range a number of times, but this was my second time out on the course and I was happy with the (generously calculated) 57 that I shot.

Life is good in Swaziland.


Mateo said...

yeah, but it's not all lobster and champagne - I understand that caviar delivery can be very touch and go, and that the Mbabane symphony isn't enforcing the white-tie dress code this season. barbarians!

Asher said...

glad to hear it.

dbush said...

Don't quite get the title. How was a good walk ruined?


Asher said...

howdy, mrs. bush.

i think he must be referring to a mark twain quote. he described golf as a "good walk spoiled."